Commercial Services

If you’re responsible for the management of trees in a commercial premises, you have certain responsibilities to avoid foreseeable harm.

This often means you’re best to call in the professionals to ensure your trees are regularly inspected and any necessary remedial work is carried out.

At Tudor Rose Tree Care, we deliver tree care services for a wide spectrum of commercial customers, ranging from landlords and letting agents to local authorities and housing associations, from churches and office buildings to housing associations and care home chains. Whatever the size of your external space and the scale of your tree management, our services are tailored to you.

At Tudor Rose Tree Care, we combine an outstanding level of workmanship with the highest standards of customer service. We specialise in bringing a fresh lease of life to your grounds. We have established ourselves as the leading tree care and tree surgery service in Kent.

Our extensive range of services covers everything from crown reduction and thinning through to tree surgery and hedge trimming.

We specialise in monthly maintenance agreements, where the passion of our work shines through with every subsequent
visit, leaving you with a site to be proud of.


Tudor Rose are NPTC qualified tree surgeons, receiving full health and safety training and approval, giving you total peace of mind.

We understand the inherent risks of our work and take every precaution to ensure the safety of both ourselves and those around us.

In the unlikely event of an accident occurring, we are fully covered by our public liability insurance. As fully qualified Arborists, and working alongside a team of health and safety advisors, you can have total peace of mind that we will fell your tree in accordance with the latest official regulations. We are CHAS Accredited Contractors and Safe Contractor Approved.

We believe that how we leave a project is as important as the work we do, so when a job is done, we always ensure you are completely happy with the state of the site. Tudor Rose prides ourselves on our reputation so we will always go the extra mile the job is completed to the best possible standard; no corners cut and no shortcuts taken. If you want an experienced Arborist with a passion for excellence then look no further than Tudor Rose.

To find out more about our professional and amazingly affordable tree care services, just give us a call and we will tailor a package to meet all your requirements.

Grounds maintenance

At Tudor Rose Tree Care we specialise in the maintenance of grounds of commercial properties. Whether you have an estate of many acres, or just a small outside area, we can carry out regular maintenance that will leave you with a site to be proud of. The scope of our grounds maintenance services can be as narrow or as wide as you choose, but could include the following:

  • grass cutting – including lawns and banks, plus any necessary treatment to promote a healthy lawn such as scarifying or re-seeding
  • hedge trimming – cutting, laying and reduction, or establishing new hedges
  • borders and shrubberies – covering everything from weed control, hoeing and digging, to planting and looking after shrubs, roses and bedding plants
  • environmental hygiene – clearance of leaves and litter that can cause a hazard to the environment and the people on your premises.

Tree inspection, surveys and advice

A vital element of keeping on top of your duties as a commercial premises manager is to ensure your trees are inspected regularly. That way, any issues that could arise to your trees’ health or the safety of your clients and the public can be identified early, with appropriate action taken.

Our professionally qualified team will inspect and survey the trees on your property, before providing a report and advice around any action you need to take.

Hedge trimming and maintenance

Tudor Rose Tree Care are experts in keeping your garden looking at its best, and as part of this, we provide our commercial customers with professional hedge trimming services. There’s no job too big, and none too small, from large hedge rows at a stately home or one hedge in a back garden of a landlord’s rented property.

If you are looking for a professional, affordable hedge trimming service then Tudor Rose Tree Care is the company for you. We also carry out garden maintenance and clearance for our commercial clients.


Monthly Maintenance

Allow us to manage your grounds throughout the year with monthly maintenance. Keep your site safe and looking its best without having to lift a finger. Like anything else, routine maintenance makes a big difference.

Crown Reduction

Tree crown reduction involves removing the top canopy of the tree. This can serve to allow more light into your garden or property, but is also ideal for reducing the risk of a tree interfering with overhead cables.


This is a very effective method of stump removal. Stump grinders mechanically grind out the main root. Some roots will be left in the ground but most of these will rot down over time. Fine sawdust will be left over from the grinding.

Tree Surveying

Land owners have a reasonability to ensure that their property does not pose a risk to others, such as risk of falling branches. A tree survey will highlight which trees may need remedial work to make them safe.

Crown Thinning

This involves removingselected branches (dead, weak or overlapping), from the crown of the tree. This improves the verall balance and structure of the tree as well as letting more light through the branches.


This can be done by hand but is usually only carried out with smaller trees. For the larger tree stump, we employ the use of mechanical excavators to help us remove your stump, again leaving a slightly higher stump to assist the excavation.

Tree Felling

At Tudor Rose we are experts in tree felling. Tree felling is the process of cutting a tree from the base using wedges to fell the tree in one piece. This is not recommended for trees in confined space, instead, we would use sectional dismantling.

Site Clearance

Tudor Rose provides an affordable, reliable clearance service for your grounds, such as removing fallen leaves and other debris.

Grass Cutting

We can maintain your lawns on a regular basis to keep them looking tidy, fresh, and inviting to your visitors.

Stump Removal

Stumps are an important part of the tree removal process. If a stump is left after a tree is felled, it is almost certain to develop fungal root rots and suckering root rots. This can cause extensive damage to the surrounding area. Even if a stump is dead, it can still cause root diseases.

Tree Topping

Tree topping is where whole tops of trees or large branches/trunks are removed from the tops of trees. Tree topping achieves three things: safety, aesthetics, and also stimulates new growth.

Tree Pollarding

Tree pollarding is a pruning system that removes the upper branches to promote a dense head of foliage and branches.

Hedge Trimming and Bush Cutting

Tudor Rose are experts in keeping your grounds looking their best, and as part of this, we provide our customers with professional hedge trimming services. There’s no job too big, and none too small. If you are looking for a professional, affordable hedge trimming service then Tudor Rose are the company for you.

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Remedial work

If an inspection reveals that remedial work is needed on any of the trees on your commercial premises, our skilled and experienced team can carry this out safely and effectively. We offer the full range of tree surgery services, including the following:


Tree felling

Felling your trees in accordance with the latest official regulations


Tree topping

Helping your trees to keep looking their best by removing large branches and trunks from the top


Tree pollarding

Pruning the upper branches to ensure your tree’s foliage remains dense.


Crown reduction & thinning

Removing the top canopy of the tree to encourage healthy growth.


Stump removal

Professionally extracting the stump of a felled or dismantled tree.


Stump grinding

Mechanically grinding left-behind tree stumps.


Excavation works

Either by hand or using excavation machinery.