Tree Surgeon Sevenoaks

Tree cutting is vital to the maintenance of many different species of trees in the UK, as it helps to ensure their continuing health as well as keep them safe for the environment and people around them. Tree surgeons are essential in this process.

There are many different species of tree that can benefit from tree cutting, including deciduous trees such as hawthorn, ash, birch, oak, willow and yew. Tree cutting for deciduous trees is best carried out in the winter months, when these trees are dormant. It should never be done in the early Spring, as they may bleed sap which could cause long-term damage. Because deciduous trees continually change and grow with the seasons, tree cutting in the form of crown thinning, crown lifting, crown reduction, pollarding or pruning may need to be carried out regularly. They should also be checked for dead branches and these should be removed, so as to prevent safety hazards.

Evergreens, such as firs, conifers and holly, generally need less pruning than deciduous trees, but judicious tree cutting can be useful for maintaining their shape and appearance. You may also need to prune them to get rid of any damage or distorted growth. Tree cutting of evergreens is best undertaken in the Autumn or Winter.

As with all work involving trees, tree cutting is often best left to an expert tree surgeon. It can be dangerous work, and if done incorrectly can damage your trees or cause safety hazards. Therefore, it’s a good idea to hire a tree surgeon to carry out any tree cutting that is necessary to keep your trees in good condition. Contact us for any tree cutting work you require in Sevenoaks or surrounding areas.