Tree Surgeon Tonbridge

Before you engage a tree surgeon to carry out work on trees at your Tonbridge property, it’s a good idea to check whether any of your trees are subject to a tree preservation order. Tree preservation orders are put in place by local authorities, and they make it illegal to carry out work on or fell a tree that is subject to a TPO. This means that if a tree in your Tonbridge garden is subject to a TPO, you must get permission from your local authority before you engage a tree surgeon to carry out work on it.

You can check whether your tree is subject to a TPO by asking your local council. If you do have a tree that is protected, you’ll have to submit a planning application to your local council. A good Tonbridge tree surgeon will be able to help you with this, by producing a report that explains why the work is necessary. For example, your tree may be creating a significant risk of subsidence to your home, or it may be diseased. Your Tonbridge tree surgeon’s expert opinion will help your local authority to decide whether to grant permission for the work to be carried out. You should only engage your tree surgeon to carry out the work once permission has been granted.