Tree Surgeon Bromley

Trees are a vital part of our natural environment, and tree surgeons play a key role in ensuring their health and safety. In areas that are urban or have a lot of development, the existing trees may be affected negatively or disturbed. They may also cause problems to the people and buildings in an area, for example through loose branches which may fall on someone, or with roots that grow so much they begin to undermine the foundations of a nearby building. That means it’s vital that tree surgeons are used to look after the trees in these kinds of areas.

A tree surgeon can help ensure that man and tree can co-exist harmoniously in the same space. There are many ways they can do this, including:

  • pruning trees to keep them healthy and well structured
  • ensuring loose or low branches do not become a danger to people walking underneath, known as crown lifting
  • keeping branches away from wires, fences and buildings, known as crown reduction.

A tree surgeon will be able to choose the most appropriate timing and way to treat a tree in this situation, based on the species of the tree and the reason for the work. Employing a tree surgeon in this way can help to keep people safe, buildings strong and trees healthy.

Tree surgeons are often also used as consultants when planning for development is ongoing. They can advise on any issues existing trees may cause to building projects and suggest ways in which trees can be safely preserved without affecting the feasibility of a project.