Tree Surgeon Bexleyheath

When a tree is felled, a stump is left behind. While some people are happy for the stump to be left in site, often it needs to be removed or killed to prevent regrowth or fungal rot. If you’re looking for stump removal in the Bexleyheath area, it’s a good idea to have it carried out by a qualified, professional tree surgeon. A good tree surgeon will be able to remove your stump in such a way that means you don’t risk the tree growing back or cause damage to surrounding vegetation.

One way to remove a stump is by grinding. This is where a mechanical cutting disc is used to chip away at the wood in the stump until it has been removed. If you’re engaging a Bexleyheath tree surgeon to carry out stump grinding, they can advise you on the level to which the stump should be ground out – this will depend on what you’re going to do with the land after the tree stump has gone.

Another method that Bexleyheath tree surgeons use to remove tree stumps is via chemicals. These effectively poison the tree stump by injecting the chemical in a sealed plug into a pre-drilled hole. It will take up to six weeks for the poison to fully take effect, and the stump to die. It can then either be left as a dead stump or removed via a stump grinder.