Tree surgeon in Bearsted

Tudor Rose Tree Care provide professional tree surgery for clients in Bearsted. Our services include Tree removal, Crown reduction, Crown thinning, Stump Grinding, Dead Removal and Hedge Trimming. To obtain a competitive price from a fully qualified and insured Tree Surgeon in Bearsted, then please get in touch today.

Tree Removal Bearsted

At Tudor Rose we are experts in tree removal. As fully qualified Arborists, you can have total peace of mind that we will fell your tree and remove in accordance with the latest in official regulations. Tree felling is the process of cutting a tree from the base using wedges to fell the tree in one piece. This is not recommended for trees in confined space, instead, we would use sectional dismantling.

Crown Reduction

As expert tree surgeons, we specialise in ensuring your trees continue to look at their best year by year, and tree crown reduction is great for encouraging healthy tree growth.

Tree crown reduction involves removing the top canopy of the tree. This can serve to allow more light into your garden or property but is also ideal for reducing the risk of a tree interfering with overhead cables. The results are a compact, tidy tree.

Crown Thinning

At Tudor Rose, we provide tree surgeon services for commercial and domestic customers alike. Tree crown thinning is just as ideal for conifers in your back garden as it is for large parks in manor house grounds. The process of crown thinning involves removing selected branches, (dead, weak or overlapping branches) from the crown of the tree. This improves the overall balance and structure of the tree as well as reducing the crown density, therefore, letting more light through the branches.

Stump Removal Bearsted

If you’re planning to have trees felled or removed from your garden or land, one issue you’ll need to think about is how to remove the tree stump. A common and popular way of handling stump removal is through the process of stump grinding. Although tree stumps can be left in the ground after felling, this can cause problems with new shoots growing out of the trunk and roots. Dead tree stumps can also become hosts for root disease and rots, which could spread to other foliage in your garden.

During the stump grinding process, a machine mechanically grinds out the main root plate of the tree, leaving fine sawdust behind. Although you can hire a stump grinder yourself, it is quite a skilled task, so is usually best left to the horticultural experts who will have sufficient experience of stump grinding to carry it out safely.

When you’re having stump grinding work carried out, you should specify how deep you would like the stump to be ground. Shallow stump grinding is normally adequate if you want to lay turf over the ground surface afterwards, but if you want to replant or landscape the land, you should ask for a deeper stump grind. Another aspect of stump grinding you’ll need to consider is what to do with the sawdust that is left over. This could be used to fill the hole left by the stump, spread on other areas of the garden as mulch, or taken away by your tree surgeon.

Hedge trimming and maintenance

Tudor Rose Tree Care are experts in keeping your garden looking at its best, and as part of this, we provide our commercial customers with professional hedge trimming services. There’s no job too big, and none too small, from large hedge rows at a stately home or one hedge in a back garden of a landlord’s rented property. If you are looking for a professional, affordable hedge trimming service then Tudor Rose Tree Care is the company for you. We also carry out garden maintenance and clearance for our commercial clients.

Tree inspection, surveys and advice

A vital element of keeping on top of your duties as a commercial premises manager is to ensure your trees are inspected regularly. That way, any issues that could arise to your trees’ health or the safety of your clients and the public can be identified early, with appropriate action taken. Tree Preservation Orders may need to be checked out on the Medway website. Our Experienced team will be able to advise.

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    24HR Emergency Call out Tree Services for Bearsted

    Along-side our regular tree surgery services for Bearsted, Tudor Rose Tree Care also offer a 24 hour call out service for emergency tree work for customers in Bearsted and across Kent.  Our out of hours emergency contact number is

    Permission for Tree Surgery in Bearsted

    If you are unsure about the legality of tree work in your local Bearsted area, it’s always a good idea to check with your local authority in advance. A TPO, or Tree Preservation Order could be in place and carry hefty fines if work is carried out without permission. You can check if a TPO exists on the Medway Council website and submit an application for works

    Logs for fires in Bearsted

    At Tudor Rose, we aim to keep our business as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible. Rather than waste the wood from felled trees, we provide customers in Bearsted and the surrounding areas with top quality, low cost logs for your wood fires, delivered right to your door.
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