Tree Surgeon Maidstone

If you’re planning to buy or sell a property in the Maidstone area, one of the things you may need to give some attention to is any trees on the property. Very often, home movers will require a tree survey to be carried out by a Maidstone tree surgeon. These can seem like pointless bureaucracy, but a tree report can actually be a very important document.

A tree survey carried out by a qualified tree surgeon will help you find out more about the following:

  • whether any trees at the property are causing a risk of subsidence
  • whether any trees at the property are at risk of failure
  • if any of the trees are diseased or dying
  • if there is anything else you need to be worried about, such as the presence of Japanese knotweed.

Tree surgeons will carry out tree surveys at your Maidstone property via various means including collecting soil samples, taking pieces of root to be analysed, and visually assessing the condition of the trees around your property. Normally, the tree survey will include all trees that could have an impact on your property, so for example, if there are trees in the neighbouring garden that are close to your property, the tree surgeon will also include those. This will help you identify whether the property is at risk from trees in your own garden or nearby, as well as showing you what maintenance and care will be needed for the trees going forward.