Tree Surgeon Gravesend

Many tree surgeons offer consultancy, which can give you access to a wide range of additional services, alongside the more traditional care for trees. Some of the kinds of consultancy you can engage a tree surgeon for include:

  • applications for tree preservation orders (TPOs) or appeals to carry out work on a tree subject to a TPO
  • applications for work to trees that are sited in a conservation area
  • reports on subsidence risk for mortgage applications, as some mortgage lenders require confirmation that the proximity of one or more trees won’t damage a property
  • risk assessment reports for trees, identifying any hazards that one or more trees may pose, as well as recommendations for how to manage these
  • tree surveys required for building planning applications, which will assess any trees that are worthy of retention, identify any impact on existing trees from the development proposals and make recommendations for how the development could deal with existing trees while minimising loss or damage.

Some tree surgeons can also offer an ‘expert witness’ service, for example providing evidence in industrial accident investigations, injuries involving tree failure, structural damage caused by trees and damage to trees by third parties.

Not all tree surgeons offer this kind of consultancy service. In fact, many local tree surgeons prefer to spend their time working on the more practical aspects of the profession. So if you need consultancy from a tree surgeon, you should check that this is one of the services they offer.